review: Bought With His Name by Penny Jordan

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What a horrid romance… and I mean, in the best possible way. This is plain crack.

The heroine is a dumb bunny, and although in the beginning shows a bit of likable spark, by the end she’s a dizzy idiot, unable to even walk upright without falling over or feeling queasy(sort of like Bella from Twilight!). Every one of her issues could be cleared up by just explaining a misunderstanding, but she refuses to tell anyone the truth about anything.

The “hero” is a total asshole. And should be arrested. Not only does he threaten to rape the heroine numerous times, but he goes so far as to say he’s going to treat her like a prostitute (maybe someone should look into unsolved murders of prostitutes around where he lives… just a tip) and that if she continues to look at him the wrong way, he’s going to make their wedding night as horrific as possible. Real charmer. Of course the heroine falls in love with him for absolutely no reason and in the end, it turns out he loved her all along! That’s why he’s so tortured and manly and anguished!


review: The Judas Kiss by Sally Wentworth


This is an AWESOME book.

Totally crazy, but totally awesome, all at the same time.

Lyn and Beric are lovahs, and both work for Air International – she has a flight attendant, he as a Pilot. She’s innocent and doe-eyed, and he’s a suave charmer. Of course he’s into her virginal image, and they are happy as anything. Unfortunately, Lyn is searched at an airport in the US and found to have cocaine in her bag. Through her own stupidity, she believes Beric has framed her (it’s totally obvious what happened, and neither of them are very smart throughout this) and when she gets sent to prison, she decides she hates him and must have her revenge.

Cue a bat-sh*t crazy plan! Woo! She has plastic surgery to turn herself into a Gwyneth Paltrow lookalike, and gets a job in Singapore, insinuating herself into Beric’s life. The reviewer who says she uses ‘The Rules’ to enslave him is soo right. She plays completely hard-to-get and he falls for it, bigtime.

I won’t spoil how she wrecks his life, but her revenge is certainly complete. I think what is most troubling about this book is the way that after she basically rips out his heart and puts it in a blender, she goes about her life with no issues at all.

How they end up together is a mystery, but it’s pretty cool that Wentworth managed to make us believe they could put the past behind them. Smooth, evocative writing and a great plot. They don’t write Harlequins like this anymore!